About us

Founded on January 2010, Getina LTD is working in the field of adhesive products and solutions for printing and packaging industries. The diverse applications of our products make them successfully used in food, perfume and cosmetics, pharmaceutical and advertising industries. The also can be used in the process of music and video products duplication and manufacturing of handmade boutique items and finishing processes.
For out clients we have chosen to represent Europe’s leading manufacturers of adhesives and adhesive materials and products – Fantastak Ltd UK. Getina LTD is an official dealer of the company products for Bulgaria and Romania.
Our ambition is to meet the increased market demands and driven by the desire to be different – for our customers we have chosen to present one of the best European manufacturers of adhesives. We rely on the proven quality, reasonable price and reliability. The commitment we made to our clients is to try to introduce the latest innovations in the field of adhesive solutions, interesting methods for attaching CD and DVD discs and also variety of products for value-added finishing.
Here you will find the full range of solutions for your business.

For more information about our product, please send your inquiries to our e-mail address: office@getina.net or contact us on +359 888 54 04 99, skype: getinaltd

We wish you a successful business with our products.